Sublimazione e prodotti personalizzati Nel campo della stampa digitale e nel settore della personalizzazione Il processo di sublimazione è la trasformazione che gli inchiostri subiscono quando, venendo a contatto col calore, si trasformano in gas (sublimano) e si uniscono in maniera stabile alla superficie trattata. La realizzazione della sublimazione si realizza Utilizzando Stampanti A Getto D’inchiostro Equipaggiate Con Inchiostri Sublimatici e utilizzando un’apposita carta per […]

Kitchen inspired on ancient Japanese tradition

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A basic and refined concept design that combines tradition and innovation which tends to subtract the redundancy as a tribute to beauty and pureness of lines and materials. IRORI (=ancient Japanese domestic fulcrum built in the floor which was used for heating and cooking) it handles about a kitchen inspired to a Japanese furniture style […]

Traditional feel in the kitchen

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The freestanding Heritage Series cookers show off three different matt colors to increase the charme of an unique imprint: the colors, black, wine and cream are applied on stainless steel in a durable, double layer coating on stainless steel using the latest powder-coating processes. The product’s core is always the advanced and accurate engineering that […]

How to choose a sofa color for your living room

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When you’re picking a new sofa for an existing color palette, you have the tough work of trying to re-anchor your space. Of course, there’s been a long-standing false dichotomy about whether your sofa should be a neutral element or a statement piece. Why not both? A neutral color has traditionally served to unify a […]

Flexibility for the work spaces

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The Design Studio’s vision is to create a sustainable, functional and aesthetic world of design in cooperation with designers from Turkey and around the world. Tuna Ofis get inspiration from consistent structures of modern architecture and modern dynamics of fashion. This year, as a continuation of this vision, Tuna Ofis has developed a creative business […]

The console bathroom with sinuous and feminine shapes

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The name of this collection draws inspiration from the angle of 18° that this console forms. Its sinuous shapes soften the steel to give a sense of roundness and femininity. This console is available in different variations. In fact it is possible to choose between Diciotto completely in pure steel or in painted version.The finish […]

Homage to cross stitching

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Likewise, the asymmetrical cut of the rugs breaks with the classic rectangular shape and contributes to a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, which escapes from rigidity to open up to something new. The CANEVAS GEO rug collection, which also includes matching cushions, is available in three colours: Coral, Green and Grey. If desired, the rugs can […]

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